How do I improve my sperm quality?

One of the best ways to improve your sperm quality is also one of the simplest: avoid exposing your testicles to heat. In fact, the type of underwear you choose plays an important role in this. Recently, a study of the effects of men’s underwear was published.  The study showed that men who had loose underwear had 25% higher sperm count and 33% higher number of moving sperm compared to men who had tight-fitting underwear. Therefore choose boxer shorts if possible. Also, hot baths can neagtively affect you sperm production which is why you should exposing yourself to frequent hot baths and other activities that increase the temperature of the testicles.

Tobacco as well as cannabis and excessive alcohol consumption are also well-known risk factors for reduced fertility in men.

Having a normal BMI (body mass index) is also an important factor for your reproductive ability. Men with an elevated BMI have been shown to have poorer sperm quality than men with a normal BMI. Beverages containing sugar, such as soft drinks and energy drinks, and also the intake of protein supplements may have a negative effect on male fertility.

Some scientific studies indicate that radiation from cell phones in pockets or from a laptop computer to the knee can reduce sperm quality, however, there is presently not enough evidence to proove this right.

In short, improve your sperm production by:

  • Avoiding heat
  • Avoiding cigarettes, drugs, alcohol
  • Eating a healthy diet